2021 International Conference on Internet of Things and Smart City
Prof. Moayad Aloqaily

Prof. Moayad Aloqaily

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Prof. Moayad Aloqaily

Al Ain University,The United Arab Emirates

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Moayad Aloqaily received the M.Sc. degree in electrical and computer engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada, in 2012, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, in 2016. He was an instructor in the Systems and Computer Engineering Department at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 2017. He has been working with Gnowit Inc. as a Senior Researcher and Data Scientist since 2016. He is also the managing director of xAnalytics Inc., Ottawa, ON, Canada, 2019. Currently, he is with the Faculty of Engineering, Al Ain University, United Arab Emirates. His current research interests include the applications of AI and ML, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain Solutions, and Sustainable Energy and Data Management. He was the recipient of many honors and awards. He received the 2020 best paper award from Ad Hoc Networks Journal.  He has chaired and co-chaired many IEEE conferences and workshops including BCCA2020, AdHocNets2020, PEDISWESA-ISCC2020, ITCVT-NOMS2020, E2NIoT-IWCMC2020, ICCN-INFOCOM19, AICSSA19, and BAT-FMEC19-20. He has served as a guest editor in many journals including IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, IEEE Network, International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, Elsevier IPM Journal, Springer JONS, Springer Cluster Computer, Internet Technology Letters, Transaction on Telecommunications Technologies, Security and Privacy, and IEEE Access. He is an Associate Editor with Cluster Computing, Security and Privacy, IEEE Access, IET Quantum Computing, and Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems. He has also been appointed the Co-EiC of IEEE CommSoft TC eLetter, 2020. He started his own Special Interest Group (SIG) on Blockchain and Application as well as Internet of Unmanned Aerial Networks. He is an IEEE member, ACM Member, and a Professional Engineer Ontario (P.Eng.).